A Bouquet for Young Harpists Harp Softcover

A Bouquet for Young Harpists Harp Softcover

Bonnie Goodrich's books are for very young children (or even adults!) with little or no musical training. A Bouquet for Young Harpists contains 17 pieces, and is a bit more advanced than her other book, Small Tunes for Young Harpists. The imaginative character pieces encourage a secure development of note and rhythm skills, as well as an understanding of structure and phrasing. The books feature a progressive use of single notes, 2-finger chords, scales, triads, intervals and arpeggios, with exciting dynamics and phrasing to make the music fun! Pieces are in the key of C or 1 flat or 1 sharp, with fingerings and placing brackets indicated. No pedal or sharping lever changes within the pieces. 15 pages, paperbound.

  • Harp

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