4″ & 5″ Bongos

Wine Barrel Design

4″ & 5″ Bongos

Wine Barrel Design

Series: IQ Plus Manufacturer: IQ Plus Music Format: General Merchandise

It is believed that the first bongo drums were used in Cuba during the late 19th century. They were used for the music styles called Changui amd Son. This music originated with equal influences from both the African and Spanish cultures that lived in Cuba during that time. It eventually evolved into today's Salsa.

Bongos are made of two differently-sized drums that are attached to one another. The larger one is called the “hembra” (meaning female in Spanish) and the smaller one is called the “macho” (meaning male). Tuned to varying pitches, the two are played together to create different tones and rhythms within a musical piece.

Children can enjoy playing the IQ Plus Bongos by clamping it between their legs, adjusting the macho to lean against one thigh, hembra angles down against the opposite calf, and start making music by striking the drums with the pads of their fingertips.

The bongos are one of the most popular instruments for beginner percussion players as it is one of the easiest to learn. Children will be able to enjoy creating different rhythms and sounds along with other percussion instruments as part of a band, or they can play individually as well!


•Constructed of environmentally friendly rubber wood

•Equipped with premium buffalo skin heads

•Durable and light weight, easy for children to hold and play

$39.99 (US) Inventory #HL 00197507 UPC: 888680645953 Manufacturer Code: IQ-W003-03 Width: 6.0" Length: 12.25"

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