A Modern Method for Guitar Scales Berklee Guide Softcover - TAB

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A Modern Method for Guitar Scales Berklee Guide Softcover - TAB

  • Berklee Guide
  • Berklee Press
  • Softcover – TAB
  • Larry Baione
  • $15.99 (US)

Improve your command of the guitar by mastering the essential scales and their fingerings. This reference will help you play scales up, down, and across the fingerboard, in all keys. You will learn multiple scale fingering options to suit different musical contexts. Practice exercises will help you build your muscle memory as you play different fingering patterns across the strings, and then expand them to three octaves. Graphical illustrations, exercises, and etudes will help reinforce all the most useful scale types. Traditional notation and tablature are included.


  • Guitar

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  • 96 Pages


  • “With the unparalleled gravitas of a lifetime of performance and pedagogy at the epicenter of jazz guitar studies, Larry Baione has presented A Modern Method for Guitar Scales with exactly the clarity and efficiency this essential subject demands. Guitar is the most deceptively complex of instruments, and it requires a modern approach to traditional basic rudiments. There are no shortcuts around this material. With this method book, Larry has made it accessible, precise, and comprehensive.” – Howard Paul, Jazz Guitarist and President/CEO of Benedetto Guitars
  • “This is a great and comprehensive book by a great player and teacher. Larry Baione has put together a beautiful and informative book that breaks everything down in a clear way. Only someone with years of teaching experience understands students and how they can best grapple with this information. I recommend it wholeheartedly!” – Peter Bernstein, Guitarist

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