Hear It and Sing It! Book with Online Audio Vocal Collection Softcover Audio Online

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Hear It and Sing It! Book with Online Audio Vocal Collection Softcover Audio Online

  • Vocal Collection
  • Second Floor Music
  • Softcover Audio Online
  • Judy Niemack
  • $27.99 (US)

Hear It and Sing It! Exploring the Blues is an effective tool for learning to sing and improvise on blues. Designed for people who love to sing, as well as for students and teachers in vocal jazz programs, it includes a step-by-step approach to learning blues lyrics, forms, harmony, scales and improvisation, with a brand new repertoire of songs. Vocal examples followed by accompaniment-only tracks make learning easy and enjoyable. New songs include lyrics added to compositions by jazz greats Dexter Gordon (plus lyrics to his solo), Johnny Griffin, Gigi Gryce, Julian Priester and Norman Simmons as well as compositions by Judy Niemack and Sheila Jordan. The book includes: blues forms, scales and harmony; transcriptions of exercises and improvised solos; accurate lead sheets for 14 contemporary blues songs; examples of 12 different blues forms; scat syllables; blues riffs; “Voices in Blues” history chapter; Listening and repertoire suggestions; and access to online audio. The Online Audio include: 14 songs and exercises sung by Judy Niemack, Sheila Jordan, Mark Murphy and Darmon Meader; “Hear It and Sing It” blues warm-ups, riffs, scales and harmony; recordings of each song featuring vocal plus accompaniment-only; exciting accompaniment tracks by top New York City jazz musicians; and more.


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  • “There isn't anyone – whether jazz neophyte or veteran – who can't learn from her. Niemack represents jazz singing at its finest and most accomplished.” –All Music Guide

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