Passion Revised Edition - Vocal Score Vocal Score Softcover

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Passion Revised Edition - Vocal Score Vocal Score Softcover

This revised edition has been prepared from the composer's piano copy rather than the piano-conductor parts so that it can be more useful to the rehearsal pianist. It includes all the scenes and transition parts and a Sondheim bio.

Song List

  • Christmas Music (from PASSION)
  • Fifth Letter (from PASSION)
  • First Letter (from PASSION)
  • Flashback (from PASSION)
  • Forty Days (from PASSION)
  • Fosca's Entrance, Part II (from PASSION)
  • Fosca's Entrance (from PASSION)
  • Fourth Letter (from PASSION)
  • Happiness (from PASSION)
  • Loving You (from PASSION)
  • Scene 14 (from PASSION)
  • Scene 7 - Fosca Underscore (from PASSION)
  • Second Letter (from PASSION)
  • Sunrise Letter (from PASSION)
  • Third Letter (from PASSION)
  • Three Days (from PASSION)
  • Three Weeks (from PASSION)
  • Transition V (from PASSION)
  • Transition IV (from PASSION)
  • Transition I (from PASSION)
  • Transition III (from PASSION)
  • Transition II (from PASSION)

Download the Digital Sheet Music for Passion.


  • Piano Accompaniment
  • Voice

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  • 206 Pages

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