The Waters of Grace Daybreak Choral Series Download

The Waters of Grace Daybreak Choral Series Download

  • Daybreak Choral Series
  • Daybreak Music
  • Download
  • Joseph M. Martin
  • $2.40 (US)
  • Baptism, General, Revival
  • Hebrews 10:22; Isaiah 12:3; John 3:5; Psalm 63:1

Steadily flowing with the refreshing message of God's mercy and grace, this folk-styled anthem is a quick learn for your singers. A thinner choral texture allows for lyrical clarity and lightness of timbre, as the music gently cradles a text filled with divine assurance. The metaphor of water and cleansing makes this an ideal choice for rededication or baptism services.


  • Choral
  • Flute

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