The Land Called Chicora MusicWorks Grade 4 Softcover

The Land Called Chicora MusicWorks Grade 4 Softcover

  • MusicWorks Grade 4
  • Softcover
  • Score
  • Paul Murtha
  • $7.50 (US)
  • 4

Inspired by the legend of a mythical ancient kingdom (in present day South Carolina), The Land Called Chicora is a programmatic work telling of the 16th century Spanish and French explorers in search of this treasured civilization. With descriptive scenes ranging from the majestic sailing ships along the coast, to the foreboding forests of the interior, to the impending treachery of the natives' threatened way of life, this impressive work is both magical and rewarding.


  • Concert Band

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  • 9.0"
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  • 0:14:10
  • 36 Pages

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