NiftyKEYZ Modular Synth Case

with Integrated Keyboard

NiftyKEYZ Modular Synth Case

with Integrated Keyboard

Series: Cre8audio Manufacturer: Cre8audio Format: Electronic

If you've ever been inspired to build your own synthesizer, NiftyKEYZ provides an almost infinite playground of possibilities.

NiftyKEYZ melds a eurorack format modular synthesizer case that's jam-packed with expressive utilities into a modern MIDI controller keyboard that's perfect for assembling mono and poly synths to the user's delight.

Configure your keys.

Designed to bring the fun and flexibility of the eurorack modular synthesizer format to keyboard instruments, NiftyKEYZ provides an ample canvas for users that want to get creative with their own synthesizer configurations & modular synthesis manifested in keyboard form.

Much more than a eurorack case with a MIDI controller attached to it, NiftyKEYZ easily redefines the idea of what a synthesizer keyboard can be.

First and foremost, NiftyKEYZ offers keyboard & MIDI control over 4 CV + Gate outs. NiftKEYZ's flexible MIDI implementation enables the use of each of its 4 CV + Gate outs as either a part of a fully patchable polyphonic instrument or on their own monophonically. Additionally, each voice can be split across multiple MIDI zones on the keyboard. For example, it is possible to create a 4 voice polyphonic instrument across the whole range of the instrument or a 3 voice instrument in part of the keyboard, while splitting another voice into a monophonic instrument elsewhere. The possibilities just begin there.

NiftyKEYZ also has a plethora of powerful performance functions that add expressivity and flexibility. These include but are not limited to a multi-mode arpeggiator, multi-mode clock-synced LFO, aftertouch, velocity, sustain/latch mode, internal clock, expression out, and much more. All of these performance features are tied to CV outs, providing an unprecedented amount of modulation and control possibilities. With all of its extra utilities, adding dimensions of depth to instruments is super easy.

NiftyKEYZ's CV & audio capabilities don't end with its performance capabilities. Users will appreciate the integrated 2x buffered mults as well as the 2x outputs and headphone out with dedicated controls.

Beyond NiftyKEYZ's modular synthesis functionality, it is also a very capable USB and 5 pin Din MIDI controller and device. It can not only take MIDI in from computers and external MIDI devices, but also send MIDI back out to control them. Use NiftyKEYZ to control software-based instruments, other MIDI instruments, and/or let it be sequenced from DAWs, MIDI controllers, and sequencers.

$599.99 (US) Inventory #HL 00465299 ISBN: 9781705165393 UPC: 196288083016 Manufacturer Code: NIFTYKEYZ Width: 18.0" Length: 33.75" Run time: 0:03:20

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