Bass Songs The New Imperial Edition Boosey & Hawkes Voice Softcover Audio Online

Bass Songs The New Imperial Edition Boosey & Hawkes Voice Softcover Audio Online

  • Boosey & Hawkes Voice
  • Boosey & Hawkes
  • Softcover Audio Online
  • Various
  • Sydney Northcote
  • $24.99 (US)

The book now includes access to online recordings of piano accompaniments for download or streaming. Contents: All your shades (Bois épais) • Arise, ye subterranean winds • Bacchus, God of mirth and wine • By the grave (Sur la tombe encore fraiche) • Down among the dead men • Drinking (Trinklied) • Droop not young lover • Earth and Sky (Feldeinsamkeit) • Ethiopia saluting the colours • Hear! Ye Gods of Britain • I am a roamer • I said I will forget thee (Nicht mehr zu dir zu gehen) • I triumph! I triumph! (Vittoria! Vittoria!) • The Last Toast (Auf das Trinkglas) • The lay of the imprisoned huntsman (Lied das gefangenen Jägers) • The Lime Tree (Der Lindenbaum) • Love leads to battle • Love that's true will live forever • Money, O! • My lagan love • My last abode (Aufenthalt) • The owl is abroad • The self-banished • The solitary one (Der Einsame) • The song of the flea • Thoughts at eventide (Abendempfindung) • Tobacco • To the forest • The two grenadiers (Die beiden Grenadiere) • The Valley (Le Vallon).

Song List

  • Thoughts At Eventide (Abendempfindung)
  • Arise, Ye Subterranean Winds (Tempest)
  • Bacchus, God Of Mirth And Wine
  • Bois Epais (Sombre Woods)
  • By The Grave (Sur La Tombe Encore Fraiche)
  • Der Einsame
  • Down Among The Dead Men
  • Drinking
  • Droop Not Young Lover
  • Ethiopia Saluting The Colours
  • Feldeinsamkeit (In Summer Fields), Op. 86, No. 2
  • Hear! Ye Gods Of Britain
  • I Am A Roamer
  • I Said, “I Will Forget Thee!”
  • I Triumph! I Triumph! (Vittoria! Vittoria!)
  • The Last Toast (Auf Das Trinkglas)
  • Lay Of The Imprisoned Huntsman (Lied Des Gefangen en Jagers)
  • The Lime Tree (Der Lindenbaum)
  • Love Leads To Battle
  • Love That's True Will Live For Ever (Si, Tra I Ceppi)
  • Money, O!
  • My Lagan Love
  • My Last Abode (Aufenthalt)
  • The Owl Is Abroad
  • The Self-Banished
  • The Song Of The Flea
  • To The Forest
  • Tobacco
  • The Two Grenadiers (Die Beiden Grenadiere)
  • The Valley (Le Vallon)


  • Piano Accompaniment
  • Voice

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  • 100 Pages

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