Six Studies (harp) Leduc Softcover

Six Studies (harp) Leduc Softcover

  • Leduc
  • Alphonse Leduc
  • Softcover
  • Harp
  • Eric Schmidt
  • $19.99 (US)

“Six Studiesis a set of six studies for Pedal Harps by Eric Schmidt. Reviewed and edited by Pierre Jamet, a French Professor at the Paris Conservatoire, this set would be ideal for an upper intermediate level and above. Most studies are two pages long and enable the player to work on different technical aspects: I. Allegro (3/4, tempo 120) II. Vivace (4/4, tempo 132)  It focuses finger flexibility with a set: 4-1-3-1-2-1-3-1-4 for the right hand III. Lento (3/4, tempo 48)  It focuses on arpeggios IV. Andante con moto (3/4, tempo 92) - It has the same aim as the second study but includes chords to play on 1 V. Con Bravura (6/8)  This is a work on chords which has few pedal changes VI. Leggiero Volante (4/4)  Longer than the other studies, it also focuses on developing fingers flexibility, and features some glissando and some pedal changes ”


  • Harp

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