Duets for Solo Violin Schott

Duets for Solo Violin Schott

  • Schott
  • Schott
  • Rodion Shchedrin
  • $24.99 (US)

You can even play a duet on a solo instrument! In his piece Duo for solo violin Rodion Shchedrin has written a dialogue within a monologue. In notes spread across two systems the violin displays its characteristic contrasting qualities. The instrument contradicts itself: staccato notes cut in abruptly within a legato line, quiet phrases are interrupted by an expressive fortissimo, while a stubbornly contemporary answering voice is set against Bach's formal language. Shchedrin succeeds in finding a remarkably powerful way of reminding every solo violinist that their instrument is inhabited by at least two different souls.


  • Violin

Product Details

  • #HL 49012292
  • 073999235944
  • VLB103
  • 9.0"
  • 12.0"
  • 12 Pages

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