Flamenco Guitar Vol. 2

Flamenco Guitar Vol. 2

Series: Schott Publisher: Schott Format: DVD Guitar Author: Gerhard Graf-Martinez

This DVD will take you to the passionate world of Flamenco, and you will quickly immerse yourself in this Spanish musical phenomenon.

Gerhard Graf-Martinez is a passionate Flamenco guitarist and teacher. This two-volume method contains both his extensive inside-knowledge • acquired from his intense and friendly co-operation with “gitanos and maestros” • and the valuable experience of his long-standing teaching activitiy at national and international seminars and workshops.

This comprehensive DVD in two parts for teaching and private study shows every guitarist a safe way to the fascinating world of Flamenco.

- Flamenco Guitar Method on DVD

- All video sequences as slow versions and at original speed

- Explanation and presentation of all techniques

- various camera perspectives selectable (multi-angle)

- All sound examples are underlaid with notes and tablature.

Duration: 80 Minutes

For more information please visit http://www.graf-martinez.info/flamenco-guitar-dvd.html.

Lesson 6: • Arpegio • Quejío II (Taranto) • Mantón IV (Soleá) • Mantón V (Soleá) • Mantón VI (Soleá) • Rumbita II (Rumba) • Tremolo Exercise I • Tremolo Exercise II • Quejío III (Taranto) • Lesson 7: • Picado • Lérida (Garrotin) • Lesson 8: • Compás Exercise I (Bulerías) • Compás Exercise II (Bulerías) • Compás Exercise III (Bulerías) • Compás Exercise IV (Bulerías) • Bulerías-Compás I • Bulerías-Compás II • Bulerías-Compás III • Bulerías-Compás Compás I • Bulerías-Compás II • Bulerías-Compás III • Bulerías-Compás IV • Bulerías-Compás V • Bulerías-Compás VI • Bulerías-Compás VII • Bulerías-Compás VIII • Bulerías-Compás IX • Bulerías-Compás X • Bulerías-Compás XI • Bulerías-Compás XII • Bulerías-Compás XIII • Bulerías-Compás XIV • Bulerías-Compás XV • Bulerías-Compás XVI • Bulerías-Compás XVII • Bulerías-Compás XVIII • Columpio I (Bulerías) • Columpio II (Bulerías) • Columpio III (Bulerías) • Lesson 9: • Alzapúa I (Exercise) • Alzapúa II (Exercise) • Alzapúa III (Exercise) • Alzapúa IV (Bulerías) • Alzapúa V (Bulerías) • Alzapúa VI (Bulerías) • Lesson 10: • Mantón VIII (Soleá) • Mantón IX (Soleá) • Mantón X (Soleá) • Mantón XI (Soleá) • Alegría en Mi I (Compás Exercise) • Alegría en Mi II (Compás Exercise) • Alegría en Mi III (Intro) • Alegría en Mi IV (Escobilla) • Alegría en Mi V (Puente) • Caí II (Alegría en Do) • Caí III (Alegría en Do) • Caí IV (Alegría en Do) • Caí V (Alegría en Do) • Columpio IV (Bulerías Intro) • Columpio V (Bulerías) • Quejío IV (Taranto) • Naino VI (Tangos) • Naino VII (Tangos) • Naino VIII (Tangos)

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