Piano Stories Best '88-'08 Piano Softcover

Piano Stories Best '88-'08 Piano Softcover

  • Piano
  • Zen-On
  • Softcover
  • Joe Hisaishi
  • $29.00 (US)

A collection of Joe Hisashi's music, including many pieces from film and TV, in an original edition by the composer.


The Wind of Life

Ikaros from TOHATO “Caramel Corn”


Fantasia (for Nausicaa) from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Oriental Wind from Suntory “Iyemon”

Innocent from Castle in the Sky

Angel Springs from Suntory “Yamazaki”

il porco rosso from Porco Rosso

The Wind Forest from My Neighbor Totoro

Cinema Nostalgia from Kinyo Road Show

Kids Return from Kids Return

A Summer's Day

Jinsei no Merry Go Round from Howl's Moving Castle


  • Piano

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  • 9.0"
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  • 84 Pages

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