Romance Clarinet and Piano Instrumental Solo Softcover

Romance Clarinet and Piano Instrumental Solo Softcover

  • Instrumental Solo
  • Schott
  • Softcover
  • Carl Baermann
  • Rudolf Mauz
  • $6.99 (US)

A sentimental work of great emotional substance from clarinet virtuoso and educator Carl Baermann. Romance is a popular concert and encore piece and is suitable for competitions.

“This extremely lyric solo leaves no doubt in the mind of the performer as to phrasing, dynamics, and other expressions. There are a few measures of faster-moving lines, but for the most part the work provides ample opportunity for the clarinetist to concentrate on rendering a truly musical performance. The piano score gives the player ample guidance in terms of balance, tempo, and dynamic shading.”--The Instrumentalist


  • Clarinet
  • Piano Accompaniment

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  • ED09875
  • 9.25"
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  • 8 Pages

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