Lebenslinien (Lifelines) Piano Solo Piano Solo Softcover

Lebenslinien (Lifelines) Piano Solo Piano Solo Softcover

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  • Piano Solo
  • Schott
  • Softcover
  • Heinz Holliger
  • $15.99 (US)

The piano gods of my youth were Dinu Lipatti and Clara Haskil, both mysterious, enchanting. While I only knew Lipatti from his records, I was able to see Clara Haskil live in concert twice, in Burgdorf and in Lucerne. Well, I even begged to get her autograph. er unerringly precise, almost weightless playing has remained my ideal to this day. My piano piece, written for the Concours Clara Haskil, attempts to trace the lines of her lonely, pain-stricken life, marked by relentless self-criticism and selflessness.

“Die Linien des Lebens sind verschieden ” [“The lines of life are different ” (Scardanelli/Hölderlin)]

Lebenslinien (Life Lines) is dedicated to György Kurtag on the occasion of his 95th birthday

.Heinz Holliger


  • Piano

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