The First Book of Mezzo-Soprano/Alto Solos – Part II

The First Book of Mezzo-Soprano/Alto Solos – Part II

Series: Vocal Collection Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc. Format: Softcover Composer: Various Editor: Joan Frey Boytim

More great teaching material at the same level as the first volume. Over 30 songs in each volume with no song duplicated between voice types. A student could easily begin either in The First Book or The First Book Part II, or the books may be used concurrently.

CONTENTS: Ah! Mio Cor (G.F. HANDEL) • As I Went A-Roaming (M.H. BRAHE) • Auf Dem Meere (R. FRANZ) • Ave Verum (W.A. MOZART) • Beneath a Weeping Willow's Shade (F. HOPKINSON) • Bist Du Bei Mir (J.S. BACH) • The Blue-Bell (E. MACDOWELL) • Carmena (H.L. WILSON) • The Carol of the Birds (J.J. NILES) • C'Est Mon Ami (B. CRIST) • Clouds (E. CHARLES) • Come Ye Blessed (A. GAUL) • Crepuscule (J. MASSENET) • Danny Boy (F. WEATHERLY) • Dream Valley (R. QUILTER) • Elegie (J. MASSENET) • Das Erste Veilchen (F. MENDELSSOHN) • Es Muss Ein Wunderbares Sein (F. LISZT) • Gott Im Fruhling (F. SCHUBERT) • Keine Sorg' Um Den Weg (J. RAFF) • A Legend (P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY) • The Lovely Song My Heart Is Singing (E. GOULDING) • Maria Wiegenlied (M. REGER) • Mystery's Song (G. PURCELL) • Nymphs and Shepherds (H. PURCELL) • Rend'Il Sereno Al Ciglio (G.F. HANDEL) • Separazione (G. SGAMBATI) • Serenade (C. GOUNOD) • The Sleep That Flits on Baby's Eyes (J.A. CARPENTER) • Spring is at the Door (R. QUILTER) • Die Stille (R. SCHUMANN) • Die Stille Wasserrose (A. VON FIELITZ) • Te Deum (G.F. HANDEL) • Weep no More (G.F. HANDEL) • When I Have Often Heard Young Maids Complaining (H. PURCELL) • The Willow Song (A. SULLIVAN) • Wind of the Wheat (M.F. PHILLIPS)

  • Ah! Mio Cor (Ah! My Heart)
  • As I Went A-Roaming
  • Auf Dem Meere (On The Ocean)
  • Ave Verum (Jesu, Word Of God Incarnate)
  • Beneath A Weeping Willow's Shade
  • Bist du bei mir (You Are With Me)
  • The Blue-Bell
  • C'Est Mon Ami (My Friend)
  • Carmena
  • The Carol Of The Birds
  • Clouds
  • Come Ye Blessed
  • Crepuscule (Twilight)
  • Danny Boy
  • Das Erste Veilchen (The First Violet)
  • Die Stille (Silence)
  • Die Stille Wasserrose (The Silent Waterlily)
  • Dream Valley
  • Elegie
  • Es Muss Ein Wunderbares Sein
  • Gott Im Fruhling (God In Springtime)
  • Keine Sorg' Um Den Weg (Love Finds Out The Way)
  • A Legend
  • The Lovely Song My Heart Is Singing
  • Maria Wiegenlied (The Virgin's Slumber Song)
  • Mystery's Song
  • Nymphs And Shepherds
  • Rend'Il Sereno Al Ciglio (Bring To Your Eyes)
  • Separazione (Parting)
  • Serenade (Sing, Smile, Slumber)
  • The Sleep That Flits On Baby's Eyes
  • Spring Is At The Door
  • Te Deum (Vouchsafe, O Lord)
  • Utrecht Te Deum (Handel)
  • Weep No More
  • When I Have Often Heard
  • The Willow Song
  • Wind Of The Wheat
  • Piano
  • Vocal

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