Using Cubase for Recording the Band DVD DVD

Using Cubase for Recording the Band DVD DVD

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I am not a geek, I am musician who just wants to play in a band.

Whether you are in a folk duo or a 10-piece funk outfit this DVD takes a focused look at the specific features and tasks you'll need to grasp in order to produce a 'band' recording. Shot live in Santa Cruz and featuring rock band 'The Liminal,' this video lifts the lid on what it takes to record a band in the 21st century armed with Cubase as your recording medium. With both live action and on-screen tutorials, this DVD is firmly focused on the aspects of Cubase you need to know when you're recording multiple musicians, and instruments, and doesn't spend time on details and features of the software that you'll never use in this particular setting.

It's OK for you not to become a geek.

Key scenes include: Set up and routing, project layout and template, control room, monitoring with effects, working to a click, overdub recording, reamping and mixing.

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