The New Weissenborn Method for Bassoon – Volume 2

The New Weissenborn Method for Bassoon – Volume 2

Series: Instructional Format: Softcover Author: Douglas Spaniol

Volume I of The New Weissenborn Method for Bassoon (“a must for all young bassoon students” - The Double Reed; “a landmark in pedagogy” - Double Reed News) presented an updated, user-friendly version of Julius Weissenborn's seminal work for beginning bassoon students.

Now, Volume II provides Weissenborn's advanced teaching material in a similar modern, easy-to-use edition. With well-organized lessons, supplemental materials, and advanced fingering charts, Volume II of The New Weissenborn Method for Bassoon is a must-have for advanced bassoon students.


• Spiral-bound book lays flat on the stand and will last for years

• At 190 pages, it weighs just 22 ounces and fits easily into most music pouches

• Material is presented in well-organized lessons with no bad page turns and minimal need to flip between sections of the book

• New expanded editions of Weissenborn's Advanced Studies, Op. 8, No. 2 and Milde's Scale and Chord Studies, Op. 25. Six of the Advanced Studies are provided in two keys - the key Weissenborn originally intended, plus the key in which it was first published - for a total of 56 Advanced Studies. The Milde Scale and Chord Studies contain nine bonus etudes to cover all 15 key signatures and to practice chromatic scales in a variety of keys.

• Table of Contents and Reference Charts make it easy to find specific etudes when needed

• Supplemental Materials include: Double-tonguing and triple-tonguing exercises by Arban; Sight-reading/rhythmic etudes by Bona; and select etudes from Weissenborn's Op. 8, No. 1

• Introduces all notes up to E5 with logical pacing and plenty of material to master each new note

• Covers all Major and Minor Keys through seven sharps and seven flats, with long tones, scales, and arpeggios for each key

  • Bassoon

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