10-Minute Jazz Improv - Vol. 4 (Two-Five-One)

Vol. 4: The ii-V-I Progression

10-Minute Jazz Improv - Vol. 4 (Two-Five-One)

Vol. 4: The ii-V-I Progression

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Series: Southern Music Publisher: Southern Music Co. Composer: Jim Mahaffey

Level: 4

- After mastering lessons and skills learned in the previous volumes, Volume 4 teaches the popular ii-V-I progression in three settings. Students use learned skills for a ii-V-I progression (Cmi9-F9-BbMaj9) in Bb concert.

- A second setting transposes to Eb concert, a ii-V-I that leads to the IV chord Eb, or Fmi9-Bb9-Eb.

- A third setting introduces students to a ii-V-I type of progression which leads to the relative minor on G, or Ami7(b5)-D9-Gm.

- The “flat 5” and diminished vii chord are discussed and plenty of examples are given. In each section, the modal sequence of dorian-mixolydian-lydian is stressed and practiced.

- The bonus chart “251 Swing Street” teaches ii-V-I progressions and the swing style.

  • Jazz Ensemble

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