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Life of an Editor: Thoughts on MTNA, Part 1

Tomorrow I will fly out to Spokane, Washington to attend the MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) conference with some work colleagues. Many of you reading this blog may know of MTNA, may be a member, and may even be attending this conference. If so, awesome! If you want to say hi, come visit the Hal […]

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My 5 Favorite Piano Rags

I don’t know about you, but I played a lot of rags growing up. I had a complete Scott Joplin collection and some auxiliary mixed-composer collections, and spent endless hours sightreading until my left hand ached from all the bass leaps. It was always a nice change of pace from Beethoven sonatas. The pieces tended […]

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Hidden Gems: Schubert – 3 Klavierstücke (Impromptus), D. 946

In the year 1828, Franz Schubert stared down his impending death from syphilis and produced an astonishing amount of music. In his desperation, with the clock running out, he achieved some of his greatest art (see my post about his B-flat sonata). Thankfully, he also left most of it in a finished state, but the […]

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