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What makes the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library so popular?
We believe that comments from teachers around the country best answer this question for us.

Here's what teachers are saying about the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library.

"I enjoy the Hal Leonard curriculum immensely and have been especially impressed with the patriotic music that has been published. I have converted all my students to the HL series…my students are delighted with the music available in your series. And that is the reason we are teaching - so students can enjoy playing music. Thank you for making teaching a pleasure for me and a joy for the children."
- Sandi Denklau, Lisle, IL

"I gradually made the switch a couple of years ago to your books as my 'method'…My students LOVE the duet accompaniments!!! I am especially impressed with Book 5 with its inclusion of so many standard repertoire pieces along with excellent jazz/pop arrangements and excellent 'today's sounds' pieces, all using good pedagogical principles. Congrats on a great series!"
- Susan Engle, Ann Arbor, MI

"What I like most about the HLSPL is the variety of music. All of the pieces are beautiful, with or without the CD. I teach a lot of young beginners, and most method books start out on the black notes, as yours does. The big difference is that the pieces in your method are artistic right from the beginning. The children love the illustrations. And I love seeing results."
- Karen Ferguson, Coquitlam, BC Canada

"Your method is terrific! After 35 years of teaching you have made my job more exciting. My beginning students feel like they are really playing the piano when I accompany them with your innovative harmonies and rhythms. Even your new lyrics to familiar melodies are so clever and updated they make me and the students laugh."
- Connie Garbo, Lake Charles, LA

"I am enjoying using your materials tremendously! I've been teaching for almost 30 years and have tried many different methods, but I like yours the best! … I look forward to every new addition you make to the line and am confident that each one will be of the same high quality that I've come to expect from you. Thank you for developing such a MUSICAL way to teach children to play the piano. The duet parts are simply the best!"
- Sylvia Eastwold, Montgomery, AL

"I just love the accompaniment CDs that correspond to the different method books. I am purchasing these CDs from Level 1 on up and using them with all of my students who use the Hal Leonard method books. I have noticed a significant improvement in the students working with the CDs. Rhythm, timing, and ear training are all gradually improving as I have my students play along with the CDs. I have used most of the other methods available and prefer the Hal Leonard one because of the easily understandable explanations and repetitive drills on new concepts."
- Heidi Meves, Green Bay, WI

"I came on your website specifically to write you and let you know that I have been using your piano method books from the time that you introduced them. I love them so much. … I wish you could hear some of my students some time. They play so beautifully and learn so much faster and more thoroughly since I started using your method. … Finally, I just want to say thank you for combining your lesson books and CDs at such an affordable price. It has to be the absolute best value in the market today."
- Kristi McIntyre, Franklin, TN


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