10 Short Chorales

Warmups in Various Styles and Tempos

10 Short Chorales

Warmups in Various Styles and Tempos

Series: Southern Music Publisher: Southern Music Co. Score & Parts Composer: Jim Mahaffey

Level: 3

1. FOURTHS: A medium-tempo swing with chord progression by fourths.

2. PITCH-MATCHING: Bright swing with cross-sectional pitch-matching in Concert Bb and F.

3. MODAL WALTZ: Moderate swing in 3/4 that employs the C and F dorian modes.

4. FULL CIRCLE WITH SAX UNISON: Chords in the circle of fourths (key: F Concert), with a unison sax line to aid tuning.

5. BONE-MODALE: In a groove a la Miles Davis and in the G minor mode, the 'bones are in unison.

6. COOL BOSSA: Concert F, laid back and lush. Great for sectional/tutti balance, and for phrasing the bossa.

7. LIP-SLUR CHROMATIC: A cut-time lip slur workout for the brass, with sax chords descending in half-steps.

8. IT'S THE Bb GOSPEL: A moderate gospel swing with a unison melody line passed around the sections, plus a big finish for practicing dynamics.

9. SAMBANICE: Concert Bb with an easy “two” feel. Unison lines and nice chord changes for sectional and ensemble listening.

10. TRUMPET-TUNE: This medium swing in Eb gives trumpets the lead over a sax/'bone rhythmic backup figure.

  • Jazz Ensemble

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