Toccata en Re Majeur pour Grand-Orgue for Organ Leduc

Toccata en Re Majeur pour Grand-Orgue for Organ Leduc

  • Leduc
  • Alphonse Leduc
  • Marcel Lanquetuit
  • $25.80 (US)

Marcel Lanquetuit (1894-1985) studied at the Paris Conservatoire before becoming the organist at the church of Saint-Godard in Rouen. As well as being a prominent organist of his time, Lanquetuit was a renowned composer, but chose to improvise rather than write. A few of his notated compositions remain, however, including the grand and mighty Toccata in D Major, published in 1927. Toccata in D Major is typical of the French style and is dedicated to Lanquetuit's first teacher, Albert Dupré. The incessant, staccato chords and memorable melody create a toccata for organ like no other, making for an essential addition to the advanced organist's repertoire.


  • Organ

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