You Are Your Instrument Instructional

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You Are Your Instrument Instructional

This unique guide helps all musicians: open new avenues of expression through a pain-free, healthy, fluid approach to music-making; overcome performance anxiety, general tension, and muscular injury; and increase learning skills to facilitate more effective motor coordination. The first music medicine book in the world with 11,000 sold, this book is a must for all musicians.

“This is a highly recommended book to read for the musician who needs information about maximizing one's full potential as an artist. This book is practical in that it covers all aspects of musicianship, ranging from the mental preparations involved in performance to the actual bodily care needed to prevent long-term injuries.”


“This is a concise, intelligently written book of ambitious scope, which seeks to address the needs of the growing number of musicians who find themselves struggling with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual injuries and limitations.”


“Julie Lyonn Lieberman has put together a handsome, clear guide with a variety of tips and suggestions...The book is well designed and cleverly illustrated...This is a useful resource guide for today'S performing musicians, and a beneficial tool for teachers to utilize in assisting students to develop healthy habits.”



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