Berklee Contemporary Music Notation Berklee Guide Softcover

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Berklee Contemporary Music Notation Berklee Guide Softcover

  • Berklee Guide
  • Berklee Press
  • Softcover
  • Jonathan Feist
  • $27.99 (US)

Learn the nuances of music notation, and create professional looking scores. This reference presents a comprehensive look at contemporary music notation. You will learn the meaning and stylistic practices for many types of notation that are currently in common use, from traditional staffs to lead sheets to guitar tablature. It discusses hundreds of notation symbols, as well as general guidelines for writing music.

Berklee College of Music brings together teachers and students from all over the world, and we use notation in a great variety of ways. This book presents our perspectives on notation: what we have found to be the most commonly used practices in today's music industry, and what seems to be serving our community best. It includes a foreword by Matthew Nicholl, who was a long-time chair of Berklee's Contemporary Writing and Production Department.

Whether you find yourself in a Nashville recording studio, Hollywood sound stage, grand concert hall, worship choir loft, or elementary school auditorium, this book will help you to create readable, professional, publication-quality notation. Beyond understanding the standard rules and definitions, you will learn to make appropriate choices for your own work, and generally how to achieve clarity and consistency in your notation so that it best serves your music.

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  • “I found this book to be very enlightening and useful. Jonathan's insight and knowledge of music notation are impeccable.” – Lalo Schifrin, Multi-GRAMMY Winning/Oscar-Nominated Composer, Arranger, Conductor, and Pianist
  • “Music notation is one of the most fundamental skills every musician must master. It is the means of communication between composers and musicians, enabling ideas to be shared around the globe and throughout centuries. Jonathan Feist has written a complete and concise guide of notation practices, both traditional and contemporary, that will empower musicians with this important skill.I recommend it to all musicians and composers.” – Ben Newhouse, Composer, Professor of Film Scoring and Orchestration
  • “With wry wit and a curator's precision, Jonathan Feist's succinct, informative, (and dare I say rollicking!) Berklee Contemporary Music Notation deftly shepherds the music notationally curious to a seat at the staff-shredding appoggiatura-wielding expert's table.” – Shane Adams, GRAMMY nominated music educator, producer, President of Artist Accelerator, author of The Singer-Songwriter's Guide to Recording in the Home Studio

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