Sonate per Clavicembalo Volume 5 Critical Edition Sonatas for Harpsichord Piano Collection

Sonate per Clavicembalo Volume 5 Critical Edition Sonatas for Harpsichord Piano Collection

This critical edition of all the sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti is justified by the necessity of offering performers and scholars a text which is philologically faithful to the author's intentions (in so far as this can be reconstructed through a comparative study of the surviving printed and manuscript sources) and which is presented as authentically as possible, free from editorial interference or suggestions for performance or interpretation.

The study of musicology and especially of the performing traditions of baroque music has advanced considerably since Alessandro Longo achieved the mammoth task of publishing the entire corpus of Scarlatti's sonatas for the first time, and today we can deal with problems of text and interpretation with a surer and deeper methodological awareness; all of these will be adequately treated in the Appendix to this edition, which will contain also a general thematic catalog of the complete sonatas.

Song List

  • SONAA L210 K299
  • SONATA L307 K269
  • SONATA L115 K307
  • SONATA L144 K311
  • SONATA L145 K272
  • SONATA L155 K271
  • SONATA L16 K306
  • SONATA L183 K277
  • SONATA L192 K313
  • SONATA L198 K296
  • SONATA L235 K315
  • SONATA L237 K280
  • SONATA L24 K292
  • SONATA L248 K310
  • SONATA L258 K321
  • SONATA L264 K312
  • SONATA L270 K295
  • SONATA L297 K274
  • SONATA L299 K316
  • SONATA L31 K318
  • SONATA L318 K283
  • SONATA L322 K305
  • SONATA L328 K275
  • SONATA L332 K324
  • SONATA L341 K320
  • SONATA L35 K319
  • SONATA L359 K308
  • SONATA L37 K325
  • SONATA L394 K286
  • SONATA L398 K273
  • SONATA L41 K268
  • SONATA L434 K267
  • SONATA L441 K314
  • SONATA L454 K309
  • SONATA L459 K270
  • SONATA L468 K279
  • SONATA L48 K266
  • SONATA L483 K322
  • SONATA L484 K282
  • SONATA L493 K301
  • SONATA L56 K281
  • SONATA L57 K288
  • SONATA L61 K291
  • SONATA L66 K317
  • SONATA L67 K294
  • SONATA L7 K302
  • SONATA L78 K289
  • SONATA L85 K290
  • SONATA L88 K304
  • SONATA L9 K303
  • SONATA L90 K284
  • SONATA L91 K285
  • SONATA L92 K300
  • SONATA L95 K323
  • SONATA LSUP15 K278
  • SONATA LSUP19 K297
  • SONATA LSUP20 K276
  • SONATA LSUP44 K293
  • Song List Available Upon Request


  • Piano

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