Choral & Classroom

Younger @ Part - Miss Nelson Is Missing


Book, Music & Lyrics by JOAN CUSHING

Based on the book "Miss Nelson is Missing" and "Miss Nelson is Back" by HARRY ALLARD

Illustrated by JAMES MARSHALL

Younger@Part® Edition Adapted by Tessa Farr

Overview / Synopsis

Miss Nelson's class is the worst-behaved in the whole school, with spitballs and paper airplanes flying everywhere. But class 207 is in for a surprise when gentle Miss Nelson is replaced by Viola Swamp, a no-nonsense substitute who assigns piles of homework! The students must find their beloved Miss Nelson... but will they ever get her back?

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  • 30 Cast Script/Vocal Books
  • Director's Script
  • 2 Piano/Vocal Scores
  • Guide Vocals CD
  • Performance Tracks CD
  • Logo Pack CD
Individual Components

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The Worst Kids of All
Swamp Song
Miss Nelson Is Missing
Cast Size

1 gender-flexible lead role
8 featured roles where singing is not required
Expandable, gender-flexible ensemble of kids

MISS NELSON / VIOLA SWAMP (played by the same actor)

Could be played by an adult or an older child who can help to keep the pace of the dialogue moving; could be played by a woman or a man in drag; all musical lines (there aren't many) can be spoken if necessary

  • MISS NELSON - sweet; kind; pretty; wears long flowy dresses in pastel colors (this long skirt will be used to hide the VIOLA SWAMP tights underneath)
  • VIOLA SWAMP - mean; scary; ugly; wears yellow and green striped tights with a black dress and at least one removable accessory (pointed glasses, prosthetic nose, etc.)
5 JANITORS (no singing required)

The narrators; wear coveralls; can be played by boys or girls (if necessary, switch JOHNNY to JILLY and/or switch MURRAY to MILLY)

  • POP HANSON - makes a popping sound when he says his name
  • PENNY WHISTLER - whistles when her name is said
  • JOHNNY BONES - does a hand-jive when his name is said
  • MURRAY SNAPSBERG ("SNAPPY") - snaps when his name is said
  • BUD - no sound effect
2 DETECTIVES (no singing required)

Bumbling; clumsy; inept detectives; can be played by boys or girls; dress like Sherlock Holmes - signature hats and capes, handle-bar mustaches, pipes, large magnifying glasses

  • DETECTIVE McSMOGG - takes the lead
  • DETECTIVE McSMOOG - the sidekick
MR. BLANDSWORTH (no singing required)

The boring Principal; wears a pastel shirt, a funny tie/bowtie, and nerdy glasses; can be played by a boy or a girl (switch to MRS if necessary)


Can be cast gender-blind; all go by their own names (or a name they choose); wear pastels, as in the original book