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Brodway Junior - The Perfect Way to Introduce Young People to the Joys of Performing Musical Theatre

The Perfect Way to Introduce Young People to the Joys of Performing Musical Theatre

Developed by renowned educators and designed for the energies and attention spans of younger performers, the MTI Broadway Junior Collection® features condensed author-approved versions of classic musicals, Disney favorites and modern works, custom-tailored to the needs of young people and schools. The music is written in keys appropriate for developing voices and all shows can be expanded to accommodate as many performers as can fit on your stage.

The Collection is divided into two categories to accommodate different age ranges and/or ability levels:

60-Minute Musicals for Middle School Students - JR. titles
30-Minute Musicals for Elementary School Students - KIDS titles

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What Comes With the Showkit™?
How to License a Broadway Junior Musical
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Digital Delivery Update

Beginning January 2020, you'll receive digital access to many of the ShowKit components you know and love. Look forward to easily distributing these crucial ShowKit components to your cast and creative team:

  • Performance Accompaniment Tracks and Guide Vocal Tracks (Formerly Accompaniment CD & Rehearsal CD, respectively) will now be delivered together as a digital download and easily shared with your entire team, cast and crew.
  • Choreography Videos (formerly the Choreography DVD) will be available to stream directly from the MTI website. Now, not only your choreographer but the entire cast will have access to fantastic step-by-step instruction for every Broadway Junior title!
  • Downloadable Resources (formerly the Resources (or Media) Disc), including Audition Materials, a customizable press release, program and other helpful templates, and more can all be accessed with a click of a button.
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