Choral & Classroom

Broadway Junior - Fame JUNIOR


Conceived and Developed by David De Silva

Book by José Fernandez

Lyrics by Jacques Levy

Music by Steve Margoshes

Overview / Synopsis

From the hit motion pictures, television series, and international stage success, FAME is nothing short of a global phenomenon.

Set during the last years of New York City's celebrated High School for the Performing Arts on 46th Street (1980-1984), FAME JR. is the bittersweet but ultimately inspiring story of a diverse group of students as they commit to four years of grueling artistic and academic work. With candor, humor and insight, the show explores the issues that confront many young people today.

With its topical subject manner, multi-ethnic cast of actors, singers, dancers and instrumentalists and high-energy, contemporary pop score which includes the hit title song, FAME JR. is an ideal musical for young performers.

Audio Sampler - HL08753949 $10.00

ShowKit - HL09971623 $695.00

This ShowKit includes:

  • 30 Actor's Scripts
  • Piano/Vocal Score
  • Director's Guide
  • 2 Performance/Accompaniment CDs
  • Choreography DVD
  • Media Disc
  • 30 Family Matters Booklets
Individual Components

09971625 - Piano/Vocal Score $40.00

09971626 - Director's Script $100.00

09971624 - Actor's Script $10.00

09971627 - Actor's Script 10 Pak $75.00

09971449 - Performance/Accompaniment CD $75.00

09971629 - Choreography DVD $50.00

09971630 - Student Rehearsal CD $10.00

09971631 - Student Rehearsal CD 20 Pak $100.00

09971632 - Media Disc $10.00

08753949 - Audio Sampler $10.00

Hard Work (Part 1)
Hard Work (Part 2)
Hard Work (Part 3)
Hard Work (Playoff)
Locker Tag 1
Locker Tag 2
I Want To Make Magic
Intro To Dance Class
Dance Class
Sophomore Year
There She Goes! / Fame
Fame (Playoff)
Let's Play A Love Scene
Bring On Tomorrow (Part 1)
Bring On Tomorrow (Part 2)
Bring On Tomorrow (Part 3)
After Tomorrow
The Teacher's Argument
Junior Year
Locker Tag 3
The Junior Festival
Only Time Will Tell
Locker Tag 4
Carmen's Goodbye
Mabel's Prayer
Locker Tag 5
Senior Year
Let's Play A Love Scene (Reprise)
Bring On Tomorrow (Reprise)
Exit Music
The Actors

Nick Piazza
Serena Katz
Joe (José) Vega

The Dancers

Tyrone Jackson
Carmen Diaz
Iris Kelly
Mabel Washington

The Muscians

Schlomo Metzenbaum
Grace (Lambchops) Lamb
Goodman (Goody) King

The Teachers

Miss Esther Sherman
Ms. Greta Bell
Mr. Myers
Mr. Sheinkopf

Other Students

Male and Female Ensemble

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