Choral & Classroom

Broadway Junior - Thoroughly Modern Millie JUNIOR


Book by Richard Morris and Dick Scanlan

New Music by Jeanine Tesori

New Lyrics by Dick Scanlan

Overview / Synopsis

Thoroughly Modern Millie is the zany new 1920's musical romp that will have everyone dancing the Charleston! Taking place in New York City in 1922, Thoroughly Modern Millie tells the story of young Millie Dillmount, who has just moved to the city in search of a new life for herself. It's a New York full of intrigue and jazz - a time when women were entering the workforce and the rules of love and social behavior were changing forever. Filled with frisky flappers, dashing leading men and a dragon-lady of a villainess audiences will love to hate, you'll present a perfectly constructed evening of madcap merriment. Songs include: Not for the Life of Me / Thoroughly Modern Millie, Not for the Life of Me (Tag), Not for the Life of Me (Reprise), The Speed Test, What Do I Need With Love, Jimmy, Back at Work, Forget About the Boy, Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life / I'm Falling in Love with Someone, I Turned the Corner, Muqin, Long As I'm Here With You, Gimme Gimme, The Speed Test (Reprise), Ah! Sweet Mystery (Reprise), Finale.

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This ShowKit includes:

  • 30 Libretto/Vocal Books
  • Piano/Vocal Score
  • Director's Script
  • 2 Performance/Accompaniment CDs
  • Choreography DVD
  • 30 Family Matters Booklets
  • Production Handbook
  • Cross-Curricular Book
Individual Components

09971364 - Piano/Vocal Score $40.00

09971365 - Director's Script $50.00

09971363 - Libretto/Vocal Book $10.00

09971367 - Libretto/Vocal Book 10 Pak $75.00

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09971369 - Student Rehearsal CDs $10.00

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08750921 - Audio Sampler $10.00

Not for the Life of Me/Thoroughly Modern Millie
Not for the Life of Me (Tag)
Not for the Life of Me (Reprise)
The Speed Test
What Do I Need with Love
Back At Work
Forget About the Boy
Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life / I'm Falling in Love with Someone
I Turned the Corner
Long as I'm Here with You
Gimme Gimme
Gimme Gimme (Tag)
The Speed Test (Reprise)
Ah! Sweet Mystery (Reprise)

Millie is the sweet, classic ing´┐Żnue with pluck. The role requires excellent vocal chops; in fact, no other character in the Broadway Junior collection of shows sings as much as Millie. The role of Millie is the perfect star turn for that extra special performer. Cast a young woman with an excellent Broadway style voice with lots of stamina. Millie must also have charisma, a great sense of comedy, good acting skills and be able to hold her own as a dancer.


Jimmy is our male counterpart to Millie. Self-assured and cocky, cast a Jimmy who is charming, a great singer, a reasonable mover and who has a good sense of comic timing. Jimmy should be attractive in a cute, goofy sort of way.

Mrs. Meers

Mrs. Meers is the villain of our story. Think Cruella DeVille meets Miss Hannigan. Cast an over-the-top "scenery chewer" who has an excellent sense of comedic timing.

Miss Dorothy

Miss Dorothy is the perfect role for a young lady with a voice that is more classical than Broadway. She should be attractive, a good actress and should contrast physically with Millie.

Miss Flannery

Miss Flannery is the office manager. She's uptight (think librarian) and stern, a real no-nonsense kind of gal. Cast an up-and-comer who's not quite ready for a huge lead, but is definitely ready to break out of the chorus. Having tap skills and a good sense of comedy are definite pluses for this gem of a role.

Ching Ho and Bun Foo

Ching Ho and Bun Foo are brothers and emigrants from China. These two are working to bring their dear mother to the United States from China. While it's nice to cast performers of Asian descent in these roles, it is not always possible. These characters must learn some Chinese, so cast kids who live for great challenges and have a keen sense of adventure. Ching Ho must be played by a boy and is the more demanding role; Bun Foo can be played by a girl. These characters sing, dance, and act, all in Chinese.

Trevor Graydon

Trevor Graydon the Third is Millie's boss and she's determined to marry him. Cast your best-looking singer who's not afraid to be a bit of a goof ball.

The Hotel Priscilla Girls

The Hotel Priscilla Girls, are the fellow boarders at the Hotel Priscilla. If possible vary them widely in size, shape, color and attitude. They should be good singers and actresses. The girls with solo lines include:
Ethel Peas


Mama is Ching Ho and Bun Foo's mother from China. She makes a surprise cameo appearance during the finale of the show. This is a great walk-on part for the principal, a local celebrity or parent. No singing, no dancing involved.


The cast can be expanded in many ways and in many places. You can augment the ladies staying at the Hotel Priscilla. Street scenes, the speakeasy, the jail scene, etc. offer innumerable opportunities for many, many students to participate.