Choral & Classroom

Broadway Junior - Disney's Aladdin JUNIOR


Music by Alan Menken

Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice

Book Adapted and Additional Lyrics by Jim Luigs

Music Adapted and Arranged by Bryan Louiselle

Based on the Screenplay by Ron Clements, John Musker, Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio

Overview / Synopsis

Welcome to Agrabah, City of Enchantment, where every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail! Aladdin and his three friends, Babkak, Omar, and Kassim, are down on their luck until Aladdin discovers a magic lamp and the Genie who has the power to grant three wishes. Wanting to earn the respect of the princess, Jasmine, Aladdin embarks on an adventure that will test his will and his moral character. With expanded characters, new songs, and more thrills, this new adaptation of the beloved story will open up "a whole new world" for your young performers!

Based on the Tony Award®-winning Broadway musical, audiences' spirits will soar with excitement over magic, mayhem, flying carpet rides, and songs from the Academy Award®-winning score.

Audio Sampler - HL00253555 $10.00

ShowKit - HL00253556 $695.00

This ShowKit includes:

  • 30 Actor's Scripts
  • Piano/Vocal Score
  • Director's Script
  • Performance/Accompaniment & Guide Vocal Audio (Digital Only)
  • Choreography Videos (Digital Only)
  • Downloadable Media Resources (Digital Only)

Digital Delivery Update

Now you can receive digital access to many of the ShowKit components you know and love. Look forward to easily distributing these crucial components to your cast and creative team:

  • Performance Accompaniment Tracks and Guide Vocal Tracks (Formerly Accompaniment CD & Rehearsal CD, respectively) will now be delivered together as a digital download and easily shared with your entire team, cast, and crew
  • Choreography Videos (formerly the Choreography DVD) will be available to stream directly from Now not only your choreographer but the entire cast will have access to fantastic step-by-step instruction for every Broadway Junior title!
  • Downloadable Resources (formerly the Resources (or Media) Disc), including Audition Materials, a customizable press release, program and other helpful templates, and more can all be accessed with a click of a button
Individual Components

09970682 - Piano/Vocal Score $40.00

09970684 - Director's Script $50.00

09970685 - Actor's Script $10.00

09970686 - Actor's Script Book 10 Pak $75.00

09970689 - Rehearsal/AccompanimentRehearsal / Accomp. CD $75.00

00253553 - Choreography DVD $50.00

09970758 - Student Rehearsal CD $10.00

09970759 - Student Rehearsal CDs (20-Pak) $100.00

00253554 - Resources Disc $10.00

00253555 - Audio Sampler $10.00

Arabian Nights (Part 1)

[Narrators, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, All]

Arabian Nights (Part 2)


Arabian Nights (Part 3)

[All, Jafar]

One Jump Ahead (Part 1)

[Groups 1-2, Aladdin, Shoekeepers, Townspeople, Harem Girls, Matron]

One Jump Ahead (Part 2)

[Townspeople, Aladdin, Groups 1-2, Crowd, Shoekeepers]

One Jump Ahead (Reprise)


Arabian Nights (Reprise 1)


Why Me?

[Jafar, Iago]

Arabian Nights (Reprise 2)

[Narrators, Aladdin]

Friend Like Me

[Genie, Chorus, All, Groups 1-2]

A Whole New World

[Aladdin, Jasmine, All]

Why Me? (Reprise)

[Guards, Jafar]

Prince Ali (Reprise 1)

[Chorus, Jafar]

Prince Ali (Reprise 2)

[Crowd, Jafar, Iago, Razoul]

A Whole New World (Finale)

[All, Aladdin, Jasmine]

Friend Like Me (Bows)

[All, Genie, Groups 1-2]


Aladdin is the title character and therefore carries most of the show. You'll want your most charming, best singing and best acting student for this role. He'll need the versatility to play the funny, slick prankster as well as the romantic lead.


Genie is the fast-talking, scene-stealing funny man. Your Genie doesn't need to be the strongest sing and dancer - the ability to do comedy is much more important. Cast a naturally funny actor that will make this character his or her own.

Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine should be cast as feisty and rebellious, yet genuinely sweet and somewhat na�ve. Jasmine is a future leader with strong opinions on how things should be done, and the audience needs to see this side of her as well as the side that Aladdin falls for.


Iago is another great comedic role. Like the Genie, he or she need not be the strongest singer, but comedic skills are a must. Iago has several sarcastic jibes and asides.


Jafar is the villain. In order to portray this through casting, consider a taller boy with a changed voice. His songs will not only be more effective, but a deeper voice will help convey Jafar's menace.

The Sultan

The Sultan should be able to play a father figure convincingly. Although a bit scattered, he needs to be able to portray love and care for Jasmine.


The Narrators (5) can be any combination of boys and girls. All should be able to sing well and speak clearly since they are responsible for setting scenes and advancing the plot.


The Guards, including Razoul, need not be the strongest singers. Cast students with good comedic skills who can carry a tune.


The Ensemble consists of Townspeople, Shop Owners, a Baker, a Matron, Harem Girls, etc. They should be good actors who sing well, as they are featured in all of the production numbers.

Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet works best when treated as a character in the show. Rather than a platform on wheels with no personality, having two actors puppeteer the Carpet adds much more fun and creativity. Details on how to create and manipulate the Magic Carpet can be found in the Props section of the Director's Guide.

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